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            We work with the best operators and restaurants in Cape Town who offers

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            ... because if  you can find it anywhere else, chances are, they've most     probably been in contact with us.

            We've looked at every possible way to get you around Cape Town. We've anticipated every possible       

            itinerary for every possible type of visit whether  Honeymoon, Anniversary, work, play or family.

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    WHO ARE "WE"

      We are Cape Town Concierge;   the    most informed individuals    with knowledge       

      derived from years in the Hospitality industry,  through first hand experience with   

      local and international guests in Cape Town's most prestigious hotels.   

      Our sole   intention   is to show you Cape Town, customized,  in it's purest form.

      We have a close    knit relationship and share   daily    updates   surrounding    the   needs   the           city's   guests are bringing    to the table.

      We work very closely with Cape Town's Operators   and it's with this information     

      that      we stay current and are able    to deliver a constant  impeccable  service.

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